Dealing With It

I got sober on 25 August 2018. I have my sobriety key tags and my AA one year medallion and I feel amazing.

I am still striving, though.

I want to attend a meeting about fighting psychiatric assault but I need to panhandle.

I have misplaced my phone and can’t find my sponsor’s number.

I am frustrated beyond words!

Scarborough General Hospital drove me into a panic attack and now I’ll never return there after they traumatized me beyond belief.

My twelve year old, Bartholomew, is desperately sick, alternating between diarrhea and vomiting.

I am back to smoking and drinking coffee.

I am dealing one day at a time.

Taking a Break

Mostly I’ve been blogging about the class on self-reliance I was taking from Church but I need to take a break from that.

I’ve learned that the cancer is back and I’m back in the treatment chairs once a month to receive chemotherapy.

To tell you the truth I had to consider whether or not to take chemotherapy this time. It’d be better by far to go be with the LORD and be freed from this world with its pain and change.However, I have work to do in this world. I need to go to the temple and do work for my ancestors. I need to earn my full use temple recommend and receive my temple endowments.

Managing Financial Crises

This week’s foundation principle is Communicate: Petition and Listen

What I’ve learned from my debt elimination plan is how to trust Heavenly Father. I need to get a new telephone and I need to get a ‘phone plan that works for me.

I have been praying to Heavenly Father to grant me supernatural debt cancellation. I have been in touch with a man who is praying for me but he is not a prophet. He just knows the Bible and I am desperate for help.

Listening is an essential part of prayer. I know I can’t get part-time work without a telephone so this month I must purchase a telephone and get a plan that will work for me. I also need to listen to what Heavenly Father tells me when it comes to tithing and paying my debts. In the past few months Telus Mobility gouged me so much I had no money left for my tithes and offerings. Now I listen carefully to the prophet.

Reviewing my budget I realized I was spending far too much money on takeout as well as on snacks and beverages. My BlackBerry was costing me over $400 a month with Telus so that had to go. Now I’m looking to go to the mall next week and maybe sign on with Freedom Mobile which many of my friends and acquaintances use. I feel good about my grocery spending since I recently had to turn to the Bishop’s Storehouse and now I have enough to last. Mostly I purchase cat food and litter for my three fur babies.

Financial crises came frequently when I was an addict. I was frequently robbed and ripped off and always spent my whole cheque on drugs and alcohol. The next day would be filled with horror, remorse and regret as I scrambled to borrow money to pay bills or went to panhandle to pay my bills or feed my cats.  Now that I’m sober I prepare for financial crises such as making a bad investment or having an accident or getting robbed by having my savings account in place.

I’m making certain to live my life in away that keeps me worthy of God’s BLESSINGS. I am back to faithfully paying my tithes and offerings and putting money in both savings accounts I’m saving up my emergency fund and I’m looking for apartment insurance by looking for an insurance company with the best claims rates. I have emergency food and water storage.

I don’t currently have any kind of insurance but I am looking into it if I get suitable part time work. Right now my budget is super-tight. It’s important to have savings because when my cat Sabrina got sick I had to borrow money to take her to the emergency animal clinic. That cost $150 and she died on the way there. It turns out she had heart failure and there was nothing they could have done to save her but I try to keep a close watch on my remaining cats.

It’s important to plan to deal with a financial crisis now because when it happens we won’t be prepared unless we have planned for it.  The Spirit has helped me out by helping me with refunds and staying with me through the government’s constant denial of the Disability Tax Credit to which I am entitled.

It’s important to thoroughly  assess a situation before taking action because I need to be certain everything is in place.

I mostly rely on myself but when Telus gouged me for over $400 I had to turn to the Bishop’s storehouse. They gave me more than enough food but I want to contribute fast offerings, not take from them! At times you may need to rely on a food bank or other community resource. We should turn to family before we turn to the Church or the community because working together through a crisis brings family members closer together.


Getting Out of Debt

It’s time to get back to blogging and I’ve been working on reducing my debts . I’ve had challenges because I’m on Ontario Disability. The foundation principle here is to take responsibility and perservere. Part of sobriety is paying back my debts.

I have only two major debts, paying back housing for damages incurred by an accidental flood and my Mastercard. Altogether I owe $9000

Right now I’m still on Disability and since my cancer is back I have to get chemotherapy once a month. I’ve been working with the Canadian Mental Health Association to find work that is appropriate for me. I want to find work that involves animals or public speaking.

I must learn to keep going and looking for work that suits me. I am not an idle person but I panhandle to earn money and I take odd jobs when I get them.

I keep a positive attitude by listing my BLESSINGS:

I have my cats.

Jesus is my Savior and the LORD of my life

I am healed by the stripes of Jesus.

I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

When we pay back our debts we must work together. We shouldn’t be afraid to ask others for help, including having to use the Bishop’s Storehouse and talk to church members to find extra work.

We must replace fear with faith. The LORD has all power. We must call upon God and accept his will for our lives. Heavenly Father wants us to prosper and be in health even as our soul prospers.

Above all we must move forward with patience and courage. We need to look for lessons in patience and endurance that the Lord wants us to learn. I’m learning to endure with faith as I pay down my debts.

Thomas S. Monson has told us that our task is to become our best selves. No failure has to be final.  How do we respond to failure? I’ve learned to go back to things that are difficult and take them one day at a time. Cleaning up my apartment is hard because of my cancer and the fact that my beaureau is broken and missing a drawer but I still have to clean it. I also need to buy a new telephone and get a better plan since Telus was gouging me for hundreds of dollars a month.

I’m building up an emergency fund by placing $50 a month in my TSFA . I also put money in my regular savings account and  and I don’t use a credit card. Never rely on payday loans or other consumer debts. Payday loans never get paid off and keep you in debt, having to borrow money to pay back the debt so you’re stuck in debt.

Right now I can’t afford to pay extra toward my debts but if you can you should. The most expensive way to get out of debt is to make minimum payments. To get out of debt more quickly you have to make more than minimum payments. If you add an extra hundred dollars a month you will pay off your debt faster and save hundred of dollars in interest. I need to find suitable part time work to make extra payments on my debts. The only interest I have to pay is on my credit card. I only had one credit card, thank the LORD.

I need to find extra and better work . Back when I had massive debts consolidating my debts and paying them off through Credit Canada Debt Solutions was the best way to go. Financial mentors helped me create a budget and live within my means.

If you can, sell things you can live without.

If you are still incurring debt cut up your credit cards.

The loans I need to pay off first are my credit card debts. Thank God I only had one credit card to pay off. I’m praying to God for supernatural debt cancellation and looking for suitable work.







Understanding Debt

This week’s foundation principle is to show integrity.

As I continue this series on this blog as well as on The Mormon Cat Lady (,  I see evidence all around me that Heavenly Father is taking an intense interest in my finances. First, there The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offered this course in self-reliance called Personal Finances, which I’m sharing with you now. Kenneth Copeland Ministries, with whom I am partnered, offered a free online course on financial prosperity. Then a secular group, headed by a woman from Credit Canada Debt Solutions, (of which I’m a client) offered a one evening tutorial in finaces. Recently the United Church of God sent me an unsolicited letter offering a booklet on Biblical finances, which I accepted. So no matter where I look, this is obviously important to the LORD, and he’s bringing it to my attention at all times and in all places.

I recently opened a tax free savings account which I will be using to save up for future investments. I had a lot of challenges this week, mainly due to my inability to tame my natural man, or to take authority over my flesh. I had to re-home two my cats temporarily,  as well as four of them permanently,  and the grief is manifesting itself in the over-indulgence of comfort food. Candy is my new cocaine and I spent over $40 this past week on sugary snacks attempting to comfort myself. So I haven’t done anything to save up toward my one-month emergency fund, and for that I need to repent.

I don’t have any kind of apartment insurance because that’s not viable for me while I’m on ODSP but I’m working on getting my Disability Tax Credit forms filled out by doctors.

Why does the Lord love those with integrity of heart? I think he loves people with integrity because they are the trustworthy ones. People with integrity will do what the LORD tells them, regardless of personal sacrifice. They’re willing to have self-discipline and let the spirit man conquer the natural man.

What it means to have integrity is to pay an honest tithe, and that for me means catching up on my unpaid tithes of 2017. I owe tithes for January,  April, June, and July. I also owe fast offering s for those months as well, and that means some sacrifice will be necessary. I’m willing to make those sacrifices because they will strengthen and feed my spirit while starving out my natural man. As Kenneth Copeland preaches, the spirit has authority over the mind.

I owe the library money, I owe my home teacher $200, I owe two friends $10 each, and I owe over $5’000 on my credit card. Debtor’s prison doesn’t exist any more but there is simply the matter of honour and the principle of integrity. I owe the landlord money in damages .Paying back debts is a part of being honest and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints states in the Thirteenth Article of Faith “We believe in being honest.”

The reward of personal integrity is the constant companionship of the Holy Ghost. The Letter to the Romans bluntly states “Keep out of debt and owe no man  anything but to love him.”

So why do I borrow money? I got into credit card debt because of my drug habit. When you’re supporting a cocaine addiction money blurs by in a never-ending spin and every cent seems to be an emergency. I denied reality as I went through thousands in under five weeks, just as I spent my way through my inheritance years ago. Regret does no good here but this is a time to repent. True repentance means a change of heart as well as behavior. So what do I do to avoid future debts?

For one thing, I will not borrow money. I’ve a made a quality decision that if I can’t afford it now I’ll save up for it. My TSFA is being used to save up for Cool-Sculpting and cosmetic surgery. That’s going to take time but it will be worth it to have the fitness and beauty goals I desire.

It’s not too disheartening to have these debts because I know I have the means to pay them back but that will come with sacrifice. I have to pay each debt back slowly, for example my home teacher $10 per month, while the library fine I can pay in one or shot payments. I need to open a new bank account in order to pay back my credit card or they could seize my assets. Thankfully I’m almost fully paid up my other debts with CCDS so when I begin to pay back my BMO Credit Card it will  be the only debt I need to pay, as well as the extra $100 a month on my rent.

Being an addict caused me to make poor financial decisions and I’m going to be feeling those effects for quite some time to come. It limits my ability to serve others. For example, I couldn’t join World Vision for $40 a month to support a family in a developing nation, which I would have liked to do. I can’t afford to support Community Rise or The Ontario SPCA while I pay down my debts. I have to put off taking a vacation or travelling to Newfoundland to enjoy the sights and sounds of home. It affects my ability to serve others in the form of charitable donations.

How will it feel to be debt free? It will feel like HELLO, FREEDOM! 

The sacrifices and cutbacks I have to make today will be worth that when I have  the freedom to spend my money and the freedom to save my money as I see fit. My TSFA  collects $50 a month from my chequing account, which isn’t much but it will grow.  In one year I’ll have $600 in my TSFA.

I need to aggressively pay down my debt. When the opportunity presents itself I’ll give my home teacher more than the $10 per month we agreed on. I could pay him $50 or more when the chance presents itself. I also need to double up my CCDS money. Right now  I pay $121 per month but I need to double that up in the next few months. Thankfully my building has a food bank and I pay an honest tithe and fast offering which allows me access to the Bishop’s storehouse. St. Vincent de Paul offers food vouchers and I can use the Salvation Army’s free meal program. This month God BLESSED me with free cat litter and cat food from Toronto Animal Services. Having only three cats to feed has loosened my budget somewhat although I plan to re-adopt Tigger and Clare ASAP.

I don’t even know how much I owe on my credit card or how much interest. I never bothered to find out when I had my credit card, which I misplaced or might have been stolen by a crackhead. It would do him no good since I had already maxed it out.

So how do I get out of debt? I need to understand my debt realities. I desire to get out of debt so I must stop incurring debt. I need to overcome my natural-man tendencies and I need to pay off my debts.

What are my thoughts and impressions as I review these principles? I feel cautiously optimistic.I know I’ll need to rely on the Lord fully to get through the next few years.

Why do I desire to be debt free? Because the Lord tells us to keep out of debt.  What will I be able to do that I’m not able to do now? I’ll be able to afford  liposuction and place more than a mere $50 a month in my TSFA. I’ll be able to purchase new (to me) clothes and books and take a vacation.

I need to overcome my natural man tendencies, such as impulsive and emotional spending and comparing myself to the girls on my Gossip Girl DVDs and books. Yielding to my addiction has cost me untold amounts of money, not to mention my self-respect and my standing before Heavenly Father. However, I now have a Limited Use Temple Recommend and I intend to go to the Temple once a month on Tuesdays. As I visit the Toronto Temple regularly I will be more able to overcome my natural man.

The last time I made an impulsive, expensive purchase was buying a couple hundred dollars of cocaine, in early August of 2018. I could have used that money for clothing, for groceries, for books, for pretty much anything. Although I no longer use drugs and alcohol I still impulsively spend on comfort food. Often times sales or promotions convince me to purchase things I really don’t need.

When I spend impulsively it’s usually because I’m celebrating my new freedom with money. Sometimes it’s because I fear I’ll purchase drugs if I don’t spend my money on something else. Sometimes I feel generous when I give to  buskers and fellow stemmers. Other times I feel hungry, angry, lonely or tired. When I spend impulsively I tend to spend on snacks and beverages or eating at fast food places. Sometimes I spend on entertainment. I’m always alone when I spend impulsively, but this tends to be because I’m socially isolated anyway.

I’m inclined to ignore the reality of my situation because of my natural man tendencies. I need to overcome past feelings about my debt by taking communion over my debts as well as my tithe. I need to spend time tithing my tithe. I have to not covet. I have plenty of clothes I haven’t worn yet and I don’t have a TV so I don’t fall victim to too much advertising. I have Kenneth Copeland’s The Laws of Prosperity and I live by it.

How can I overcome the tendency to compare myself to others? I can be the best person I am. I can read The Book of Mormon daily.

What are the most meaningful things I’ve learned from this lesson? That it is Heavenly Father’s will that I pay my debts. That Jesus is LORD over my finances.

What will I do as a result of what I’ve learned today?

Bring food with me from home when I go to stem. Bring a Thermos of hot cocoa or herbal tea with me rather than spend on take-out herb teas. Not borrow money. Leave my debit card at home. Only take with me my library card and Presto pass. Pray daily over my finances.





Protecting Your Family From Hardship

The foundation Principle here is to use time wisely.

I’ve always, all ways been possessive of my time. I’m so such an unrepentant Type-A about my time that I know exactly what door to be at on the subway so get out directly at the escalator and don’t waste precious seconds struggling through the crowds on the platform.

So last week I chose a budgeting system and I didn’t share it on my blogs until this week, so I’m actually two weeks behind. Never mind, I’m making it up for it now.

The best thing about using the debit card system is that I pay my bills at the bank machine or over the telephone. Using Interac to purchase groceries earns me Air Miles since I  bank with Bank of Montreal. I also do most of my shopping at Metro, and other places where I earn Bonus Air Miles. The most important feature to me is the convenience of using my debit card and not carrying cash. Cash can be stolen or lost and can’t be replaced.

Watching this and taking this class I realize I haven’t always used my time wisely. When I was undergoing chemotherapy I lost a lot of my energy and a lot of the times the medications I take have the side effect of making me drowsy. I’ve learned to take to take my nerve pills before bed and my painkillers in the morning. I have the kind of metabolism that opioids make hyper. Most people dose off when they take hydromorphone and hydromorph-contin but I do the opposite. Also becuase my depression has been at an all time low since the harassment by my corpoarte landlord is forcing me to re-home my fur-children, the cats I’ve raised since birth. By Monday 26 November I will only have Rhys and Bartholomew. Housing knows that my cats are my family and they are deliberately trying to make me have a mental health crisis so they can declare me unfit and force me back onto the streets.

I try to make the most of my time when I can. I wake up at 6:00 and meditate on the good things in my life, such as being in covenant with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. At 7:00 I pray in other tongues for at least fifteen minutes. That’s something I learned in the Word of Faith Church and I haven’t given it up. Praying in my Heavenly Language edifies me and refreshes me for the challenges of the day. On the days I don’t pray in the Spirit I often don’t feel like getting out of bed and I’m more likely to sit around reading  Gossip Girl novels. I read The King James Bible according to a daily list I get in Every Home for Christ, an evangelical group that brings Gospel to dangerous places that the LDS Church doesn’t send missionaries.While I support our own missionaries with both my prayers and my finances I support Every Home For Christ with my prayers and sometimes a donation, which I will do unless I find out they are actually anti-latter day saint. People can have doctrines different than our own without being anti. This is is why I’m a Partner with Kenneth Copeland Ministries Canada and holder of a Limited Use Temple Recommend.

So the thing to do each day is pray, list my tasks, pray again, set my priorities, set my goals, act, and report. This is a lot like living the Tenth Step in Twelve Step Groups. It’s wonderful how being in covenant with Heavenly Father brings all those things together!  I’ve set my week up like this: Monday is laundry day, Tueday is ironing day, Wednesday is mopping day, Thursday is sewing and mending day, Friday is sweeping day, Saturday is baking day, and of course Sunday is the Sabbath, the day for Church and extra Scripture Study.

Some things I need to save up for are a new sewing machine, a sewing kit, hand weights, jog bras and sports bras. Walking and jogging are free forms of exercise and I can go to free yoga and Tai Chi classes at Among Friends, the mental health group I to which I belong. I also need to buy more large storage containers for my clothes. Some of the clothes I wore are now too big for me as I steadily lose weight by sticking to the Word of Wisdom, eating whole grains, fruits and vegetables as close as possible to their natural state.

One way Ive learned to save money is to hand was things like socks and underwear. I just use some cleaner and wash my socks and under wear in the sink then hang them over the shower curtain rod to dry. It saves a lot of money in the laundry budget, believe me!

Last December, when my beloved fur-daughter Sabrina died of congestive heart failure, I learned that the all night animal hospitals won’t help a patient unless you have $150 cash. I had to borrow the money from my social worker and by then it was too late. The only consolation I got was that even with the money Sabrina would have to be out down. Her lungs kept filling with fluid and the best they could give her was six months in constant pain, costing me thousands in after care. However, in order to protect my family from hardship I need top put aside $150 in a tax free savings account. I’m going to open a TFSA in the New Year and begin putting $120 a month into it.

I’m the head of my household but Rhys and Bartholomew are my fur-sons and their well-being is my chief concern. Being robbed of my fur children by Toronto housing and that “agreement” I was coerced into signing because of my post-traumatic stress episodes caused malicious neighbors to try to take my housing away from me. These malcontents weren’t happy with gossiping and spreading rumours about me, they had to get housing to take away the only reason I have to live, my  beautiful cats. However, Heavenly Father had compassion and lest I become suicidal for sorrow upon sorrow, he saved Rhys and Bartholomew for me.  I need to take my Last Will and Testament to a Notary Public because I need to be certain my fur-sons are in the best of care should something happen to me.

I don’t have any kind of life insurance and I want to be buried in consecrated ground, not cremated. I’m sure the Church would pay for my funeral but I need to put up savings strictly toward my fur children just in case anything happens to me.  I can’t afford life insurance and until I start working part time in a suitable job I won’t need it.

What blessings will come to my family for having a one month emergency fund? Why is is more important than paying down debt? Having a one month emergency fund will keep the wolf from the door. It means I’ll be able to turn to my fund in times of hunger when finances are low. I already have quite a bit of canned food and goods and corn meal, all of which will help in December when I pay $360 for my Avon purchases.  These purchases are helping me with my self-esteem as the ravages of grief are showing too much on my face from the constant crying over my cats and the constant crying from Toronto Housing and their ongoing campaign of harassment against me.

Thank God I don’t drive but I do need to think about buying pet insurance. I need to have $150 set aside for veterinary emergencies.

I am very fortunate to live in Canada and have health coverage for basic health needs but often one need premium insurance for more benefits. OHIP won’t pay for my liposuction although I desperately need it to escape the body in which I am trapped. While the Word of Wisdom is helping me lose weight and following the Twelve Steps of Overeaters Anonymous is helping somewhat but I need a drastic change. Still, getting into despair over the governments BS isn’t going to help me right now.

I’m BLESSED to have Ontario Disability Support Program cover my needs such as medication. Due to my PTSD I’ll never be well enough to work full time but I am going to try to work with a group that doesn’t have low functioning people. I’m torn between Career Dynamics and CMHA. CMHA seems to cater to a lot of low-functioning types, but the Career Dynamics head was a total see you en tea who always ignored the fact tht I didn’t work on Saturday. This was before my conversion to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when I was experimenting with Seventh Day Adventism. I still have a great deal of respect for the Adventists, BTW.

Reviewing this I realize how Heavenly Father has BLESSED me. I live in Canada so I have health insurance to cover things like the hysterectomy I had to get in January of 2016. My medications are covered by ODSP. However, and this is the important thing: GOD is my source, not the Provincial or Federal Government. This is why I don’t fear Doug Ford’s talk of Welfare Reform.  Heavenly Father will always provide me a way to get by. As long as I do my part in the Covenant Heavenly Father will Hold up his end.

Sticking to a Budget

The foundation principle for sticking to a budget is to solve problems. As a Single Saint I only have to answer to God and my cats. I’m trying to set realistic financial goals and I’m saving $60 a month. Eventually I want to get Cool Sculpting done and that will cost me $1500 but it’s a realistic goal to set for health and beauty.

I’m sorry to say that I’ve been letting personal stuff interfere with my blog. I live in Toronto Housing and I’ve been being terrorized by my landlord and some malicious neighbors. Knowing I’m in covenant with Heavenly Father is the only thing that’s been keeping me sane but now I’m ready to catch up.

The challenges I’ve had with keeping my commitments is that I haven’t been diligent in writing down everything I earn and spend. My neighbor is agoraphobic so I do her shopping for her, earning ten dollars on each shopping trip. I usually give in to my natural man when I do and spend money on impulse purchases at the counter, usually a Cottage Country Surprise package or Coke Zero to keep up my caffeine cravings while also heeding the Word of Wisdom.

One thing I learned while creating a budget is that now that I’m sober and living the principles of recovery I spend entirely too much on takeout food. PArt of it is my new freedom with money. As an addict, my cheque was gone the night I cashed it, blown on cocaine and alcohol and cigarettes. It’s hard to believe I’m less than ninety days sober: it seems like a lifetime ago that I posted Religious Hypocrite.

I counselled with Heavenly Father as I created my budget and of course my tithes and offerings come first.  Kenneth Copeland’s The Lsws of Prosperity is a trememdous benefit to anyone looking to know how to tithe properly.

I always spend time tithing my tithe. I pray over it and I ask Heavenly Father to look down from Heaven and BLESS my tithe. Of course in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we don’t pass the basket in  our meetings but we give our tithes to the Bishop directly. I spend time at home tithing my tithe as well as my offerings. Not to brag but I give ten percent from my gross, not my net, and that’s my tithe. My offerings are another five percent of my gross income, so altogether the Church gets fifteen percent of my income. I always do better that way. I don’t know how Heavenly Father BLESSES my income so I do better on eighty-five percent than I did with one hundred percent but He does and that’s all I need to know. The farther along you go, the more trust you gain in the process.

Heavenly Father will allow us to face problems and challenges because it’s how we respond to those challenges is what will enable us to grow in the covenant. I currently am being forced by an illegal agreement to give up seven of my nine cats. Jake was rehomed to a beautiful woman named Nancy who he adores. Fred, Stacey-Ace, and Frieda were turned over to rescue because they were semi-feral. I called the Temple and had their names put on the Temple Prayer Roll, saying they were foster children. To me they were foster children and their lives are worth the life any human being. All I can do is pray they got into the Barn Cat Program and weren’t euthanized. However, a section D&C says the animals go to a filial spirit world when they die so I have the LORD’s guarantee that they are safe. Toronto Animal Services are coming on Monday for Clare, Tigger, and Gwen. I’ve raised Clare for ten years and raised her from a four week old mite to a sleek and gorgeous cat. I rescued Gwen and her sister Stacey Ace from the outside and bottle fed them from the age of three weeks. My heart is being torn out and Toronto Housing knows this. However, their malicious attempts to drive me into a mental health crisis will not work because they don’t know the power of the Covenant.

As Tempted as I’ve been to purchase a Death Unto Mine Enemies Candle and Double-Cross Oil I’ve chosen instead to obey Heavenly Father and let vengeance be his. I know my Father in Heaven will repay my enemies seven-fold for what they’ve taken from me. I also know that forgiveness and praying for those who have spitefully treated me brings me closer to Jesus Christ.

So what’s the real problem in the story above? Obviously, the two men aren’t making a profit since they sell the melons at cost. The could sell the melons for a dollar fifty each. They could haggle with the melon farmer to buy in bulk at a lower cost.  This lesson is to get us to look at our own budgets and see what it is we could do without and how to solve our own money problems

My December budget is short because this  December I’ve budgeted out $360 on Avon products. I know that sounds like a lot but I haven’t had a new dress in literally YEARS. I’m also getting their full line of skin care products at $50 each when normally I would have had to pay over $100 for each line of skincare. I could never have afforded them at full cost and now I’ll have several months worth of skincare. There’s nothing vain about a woman of God taking pride in her appearance. I’m a Bride of Christ and a daughter of my Heavenly Father. I’m going to look the part as well as act the part.

This leaves me with $117 to buy groceries so I’m going to buy them at bulk barn and Dollarama. I also qualify for the St. Vincent De Paul and Salvation Army Christmas Program so I know Heavenly Father will take care of me as long as I remain worthy.

Nephi didn’t build his ship according to the manner of men but according to what the LORD showed him. We have to be the same when creating our budgets. We have to look to our Father in Heaven and not to to the world. I’m not buying a new dress to impress the world, but because I’ve lost weight and need a new size. My LDS counselor has taught me there is a difference between self-compassion and self-indulgence.

I currently don’t have a gym membership although as I pay down my debts I might go for a YMCA membership. Walking is free and it’s a wonderful exercise. I also need to cut down on my food budget anyway. Having only two cats has also cut down on my grocery and litter budget although I always found a way. Losing my fur children is not from Heavenly Father but I know that He takes my hurts and turns them in harvests.

D&C 93:24 says that “truth is knowledge of things as they are, and as they were, and as thy are to come.”

Knowing where your finances stand is essential to financial stewardship. I am currently in debt but I have a financial vision and as I obey the laws of tithing and giving plus I work on getting suitable part time work in the New Year. I am learning to live within my means and as I do I get BLESSED.

Now which system of budgeting will work? Let’s check these out:

I find for myself paying directly from my bank account is the best way to do it. I get Air Miles every time I spend over $40 with my BMO debit card and those Air Miles add up. That’s why I shop at  Metro and other places. Then when my budget is low I can rely on my Air Miles to help me get things.  This month I budgeted to be certain I could get a ticket for Joel Osteen’s  “A Night of Hope.” I adore Joel and with the grief and uncertainty I’ve been through over my corporate landlord terrorizing me I need the comfort of a whole stadium of God lovers on my side. Also, having cash at home often tempts me to get things I don’t really need, like take-out pizza when I’ve got a frig full of food.  There’s also the fact that I’m a sober addict. Having too much cash in the house could tempt me and I know that by doing things through my debit card I won’t be tempted to purchase drugs.

My current priority is to pay down my debts and then to get to my crdit card debt. I’ll have to open a new bank account to do that and that means spending $35 on an Ontario Photo ID which is a birth certificate with your photograph. It’s used in place of a driver’s license. Paying down my debts is my top financial priority because Romans 8 in the Amplified Bible says “Keep out of debt.”  The general authorities of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints also counsel us to keep out of debt and live within our means.

Being a wise financial steward is getting me to change lot of my perspective and habits. I’ve always been an impulsive person but now I’m thinking with an eternal perspective. I haven’t yet started to save for family emergencies but I’m going to make a point of that now.  While I pay my tithes and offerings in cash I’ll do all else through the debit card system. I leave money in the bank to come out through Payor Agreement Debits.

The most meaningful thing I’ve learned from this is that I can be self-compassionate without being self-indulgent.